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Best Luxury Yacht Brands

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Luxury yachts might be the ultimate status symbol for the truly wealthy. These vessels are a dream for many people, but only the richest of the rich can actually afford them. It’s no secret that yachts cost a fortune to own and maintain so you want to make sure you’re earning a fair wage before thinking about owning your own.

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If price is no option, then there are a lot of things to consider before you purchase your own yacht. In addition to its price, you have to contemplate the size and type of yacht, along with making sure you go with a reputable yacht maker. Thankfully for you, we are here to help you with that.

Whether you’re looking for your first pleasure vessel or your next luxury boat, check out our quick guide to the 12 best luxury yacht brands on the market today.

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Lürssen is one of the oldest, most established luxury yacht builders. The company was founded by Friedrich Lürssen in 1875, starting as a small shipyard. Lürssen’s father was a boatbuilder himself who told him to start his own company to support his family.

The company began by building racing rowboats for Bremen oarsmen but their customer base eventually expanded into the rest of Germany. They are also known for making the world’s first motorboat in 1886. In time, Lürssen slowly transitioned to making all types of motorboats and eventually yachts and other luxury leisure vessels.

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This brand is a great choice if you are looking to build a luxury yacht with a personalized design. They also prioritize sustainability in their production, making them an ethical company. AZZAM, the longest yacht in the world, was released by Lürssen in 2015. They also produced the biggest yacht in the world, which is the DILBAR.


This is another custom yacht builder with a rock-solid reputation. While Oceanco is much younger than Lürssen, it quickly established itself in the industry as a premium brand. The company was founded in 1987 as a project by a group of South African investors in Durban, South Africa. As of 2021, they have produced a total of 29 custom superyachts of different sizes.

Oceanco has the capacity to build five full-size superyachts simultaneously in their facilities, so you won’t have to worry about production delays. They are currently building several superyachts that are more than 100 meters long for numerous customers. Due to their recent acquisition of more land, Oceanco is now capable of building vessels up to 140 meters long. If you are looking for a luxury yacht builder who can construct your dream boat with premium quality and within a reasonable timeframe, you should consider working with Oceanco.


The First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders is a collaboration between two large shipyards. The Royal Van Lent Shipyard and Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw decided to work together in 1949 to create a high-end luxury yacht building company. Currently, the company has four shipyards where they build their world-famous vessels.

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The Venus, Savannah, Symphony, and Aquarius are just some of the most popular luxury yachts built by the company to date. Feadship has built dozens of yachts of all sizes for their customers. These range from smaller yachts with lengths of 35-45 meters to full-size luxury superyachts of more than 100 meters long.

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The Symphony, Madame Gu, Musashi, and Anna are all among the longest yachts ever built at the time of their completion. The company is currently working on nine new superyachts to be delivered by 2021. If you are looking for a quality yacht builder, Feadship is an excellent choice.

A fun fact, this brand received numerous trademark cancellation lawsuits for their yacht, Anna, for being unsafe, but luckily won all of them.


This 148-year-old Italian shipbuilder is one of the best in the world. Benetti has been a leader in the custom superyacht industry for decades. The company is the only one to have been awarded the top award in Showboats International for six years in a row.

During World War II, the company was contracted to build military vessels. This venture helped the company transition from wood to steel vessels after the war. The Delfino, Tirreno, and Mediterraneo lines of yachts catapulted the company to global fame. These are iconic designs that are still a source of inspiration for many boat builders today.

Some of Benetti’s modern designs are the Benetti Tradition, Benetti Classic, Benetti Vision, and Benetti FB. These models vary in terms of size, performance, and overall level of luxury. The Tradition is the basic model at 99 feet and a maximum speed of 15 knots. The Benetti FB is their high-end model and one of the most luxurious superyachts available today.

A good thing about Benetti yachts is that they come with a bleeding kit, a commercial tourniquet, and other medical necessities, in case of an emergency.


Heesen Yachts is relatively younger than the other shipyards on our list, but they have been producing quality boats at a very fast rate. Although the company was founded in 1978, Heesen has already built more than 170 yachts of all speeds and sizes for their customers.

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Their combination of top-tier design, high-quality construction, and expert engineering made them a world leader in yacht building. Heesen’s breakthrough towards global fame started with the Octopussy. This luxury superyacht was designed for American businessman John Staluppi. He requested that the company build him a superyacht with a speed of more than 50 knots, which was unheard of at the time.

Today, Heesen is best known for creating luxury superyachts made of aluminum. They are currently working on 14 yachts for their clients.


Did you know, that Blohm+Voss yachts are made from the same material ww2 planes were made of?

This German boatmaker was founded in Hamburg in 1877 to produce steel-hulled boats and ships. They also played a crucial role in the German war effort during World War II, helping build the famous Bismarck battleship. It became one of the biggest battleships in German history, spending eight months in operation.

Blohm+Voss is now a subsidiary of Lürssen but still creates top-quality ships and yachts. Both the military and the private sector use their services, while they also provide maintenance and repair services for cruise ships.

Some Blohm+Voss come with over 50 iron doors built-in inside.

The company also built the RMS Majestic for White Star Line in 1914, which was the largest ship in the world for over 20 years. Blohm+Voss has always created top-of-the-line vessels throughout its history, so you cannot go wrong with this boat maker.

Westport Yachts

This is the only American brand on our list, and it does not disappoint. Westport Yachts have been making personalized luxury yachts since 1964. They focus on brokerage and customer service just as much as the quality of their products.

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You can have Westport Yachts build you the custom boat of your dreams or opt to purchase any of their existing yachts for sale. You have a wide array of options for already available yachts that vary in size, speed, and overall quality.

For the standard Westport Yachts models, you can choose between the Westport W112, Westport W130, Westport W125, Westport 117, and Westport W172. If you are not ready to purchase or commission your own yacht just yet, you can start by chartering one for a couple of days. This way, you can learn your preferences for your future vessel.

For a 3D video of the Westport W125, check out a video, made by a technical animation studio, on our official website.


Amels is part of the world-class Damen Shipyards Group. The Damen Group covers all sorts of businesses including shipbuilding, defense, and engineering ventures. Amels is their superyacht division, so it is sure to produce only the best quality of vessels.

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Since 1974, Amels BV has built dozens of luxury yachts. The Akula, Monkey, and Here Comes The Sun was all the longest yachts in the world upon their completion. The consistency and quality of Amels’ vessels have retained their loyal fans for generations. They create medium to full-length superyachts in the different shipyards they have all over the world.

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The company is currently working on nine new superyachts, most of which are to be completed within the next couple of years. You can check out their under-construction models like the Amels 60, Seaxplorer 60, Amels 242, and Project Witchcraft for ideas about what to expect from Amels in the near future.

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This British company focuses on producing luxury motor yachts. Sunseeker International was founded by Robert and John Braithwaite who initially named it Poole Power Boats. With over 2,600 regular employees working full-time, the brand can produce up to 150 boats of different sizes every year.

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Sunseeker has seven production plants and shipyards around the UK where they work on processing parts and assembling their vessels. The design and technology center in Poole is where the true magic happens. It is here where Sunseeker does the final detailing including furniture and electronic systems.

The company’s luxury yachts have also been consistently featured in the James Bond film franchise. Sunseeker vessels have appeared in four films of the series so far. Robert Braithwaite was awarded the Ernst & Young UK Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002 for the growth and success of the company.


This is perhaps the newest company on our list. Dynamiq was founded only in 2014 but made sure to hire only the best of the best to help them quickly establish their name in the luxury superyacht industry. Founder Sergei Dobroserdov calls it the “dream team” of next-generation superyachts.

There is more than enough room for you to place your saddle blankets on the deck and enjoy sunbathing.

Unlike the older, more traditional boat makers on our list, Dynamiq aims to revolutionize the designs of luxury yachts for the future. They are the first to introduce an online configurator to their vessels, which lets you customize the design up to every little detail you can think of.

The Jetsetter was the first project released by Dynamiq and it received high praises during the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show. They are currently working on several new yachts under their Global series. These are marketed to be the new standard of efficiency, performance, innovation, and quality.

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Check out the GTM 90 Transformer, GTM 90 Sportfisher, GTT 160, and the G 450 for some of Dynamiq’s most popular superyacht models at the moment. These are all customizable depending on your style and preferences as well.

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